I must tell you about my newest fascination: Organizing with Chalkboard Labels. 
These little things are simply the best. I received a pack of 48 labels with 4 different markers and I’m literally walking around the house looking for places that I feel need labeling. In the meantime I am searching online for other ideas for using labels. This simple but effective solution is not only helping me stay on track, but everyone else in my home as well :)
The first room that I organized with these labels was my daughter’s room and if you have kids you definitely know how out of hand kids’ stuff can get!  You probably also know that teaching children responsibility and organization is necessary for lifelong success and productivity.
I began to implement the tagging system to control Maya’s toys by following the tip from the diagram below.
Maya is only 2 and a half years old so instead of writing out the words, I draw a picture on the labels to mark her toy containers. Each box got a different design.
When looking for ideas on what to do with other toys, I found these, which I may implement in the near future.
Maya is a little artist and her art supplies are always all over the place. I found these ideas that should help to keep her supplies nice and neat.
When all the toys were tagged and organized, I moved on to the drawers with her clothes.
I think all this organizing helps me with my daily chores much more then it helps Maya – but hey, who am I to complain :)
With small kids there is always a pile of clothes that are still too big or too small. I found this great idea that may save the sanity of some.
 Do you think that any of these ideas would work for you?

Check out my future posts to see additional rooms in my home that have my newly implemented tagging system.



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