Right before Christmas I found this little candy cane stand idea on Pinterest and I thought I would give it a try.  I wanted to create the perfect addition to our Christmas table and at the same time, I could share it with you.
This is how my candy cane place card holder turned out.
Isn’t it lovely?  If you like it and wish to make it to decorate your table, follow the steps that I have provided below.
You will need:
  • candy canes  - 3 pieces for each stand, 
  • chalkboard labels with chalk marker - one per each stand, 
  • foam sheets - 10 cm / 7 cm per each stand 
  • ribbonapproximately 35 cm per each stand
If you plan to make 25 stands as I have done, make sure that you have enough of everything. Learn from my mistake, I did not buy enough red ribbon, and it  was sold out the next time I went shopping.  I ended up having to change my design and replace the red ribbon with gold ribbon. It was not a deal breaker, but it did become a time consuming event.

I started the process by preparing the name tags. Measured & marked rectangles that were 10 cm / 7 cm each. When they were all cut out, I placed a chalkboard label right in the centre of each one.
Then, I wrote the names of all our guests on the tags with a pen marker that came with chalkboard labels that I purchased. 
I guess I don't have to tell you how glad I am that this marker easily erased with a wet cloth. We all know what happens when we try to write something perfectly nice and straight ... wet cloth was a life saver :) 
Finally, it was time to make a perfect bow or, I should say 25 of them. As you can see I used 2 different ribbons for one bow – I loved the end result but I have to say this was the hardest part of the project.
If I do this again, I would definitely stick to single ribbon. 
Just to help you out a little bit more, below you can find tutorials on how to make a perfect bow:
The last thing to take care of was the stand. I used  scotch tape to mount the 3 candy canes together,
the pretty bow was attached,
And last but not least, a name tag was placed in the candy cane stand.
The candy cane holder was ready to be placed on the Christmas table. 
This organizational piece is as much practical as it is beautiful.  As you can see, combined with all the other decorations it made our table gorgeous.   


20/01/2016 07:23

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22/01/2016 07:31

Nice and easy to do)

19/02/2016 21:16

Yes you are absolutely right it is very easy to make.
Thanks for stopping by.

19/02/2016 09:30

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19/02/2016 10:20

Thanks for reading my post & for this interesting fact.


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