When I couldn’t see my fridge anymore, because it was absolutely covered with Olivia’s art, I have decided that it is time to find a new way to display her masterpieces. 
I was blown away with people's creativity that I found when searching for “THE ONE”.
For example Heather from “The Caterpillar Years” showed me how to make fancy gallery out of empty frames.

Kimberly from “A Night Owl” on the other hand taught me how to use a wooden skirt hangers from Ikea to create a cool looking and inexpensive art display.

Looks like an old fashioned clipboard found a new way on getting back into people's hearts. I came across of many kids collections displayed on these simple but handy boards.

Danielle from “The style files” introduced me to Ikeas’ curtain wire as her favorite colorful display of drawings.

Another kind of curtain rod made beautiful center wall display in the home of “Frills fluff and trucks”.

And Sara from “A little of this a little of that” in 10 easy steps explained how to DIY this attractive looking display.

As you can see yourself lots of creativity here. Thanks to that, my problem of displaying kids’ art that is created on daily basis is solved.

Now I only need to figure out what to do with collection that accumulates throughout the years (I have a hard time to throw them away) and find the way to preserve the best of the best masterpieces.


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