Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet? Or are you just like me and only getting into as we speak?
I realized some time ago that I did not care to go shopping the day or week before Christmas, only to grab whatever happens to be on sale. On top of that I really hate (I know “hate” is very strong word, but this is the best way to describe my emotional state about it) shopping in crowded places and getting those meaningless items that I wouldn’t even like to receive myself. Instead of enjoying the spirit and joy of holidays I would get overwhelmed and stressed.
Last year I put this simple plan into place to change it all.  What a difference! This year I’m going to repeat it, and thought you could benefit as well. 

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As we enter the “Giving Season” there are plenty things to do and think about. One of them is wrapping all those beautiful gifts you’ve bought for the special people in your life. There are a few different approaches to this subject:
  • You can use gift wrapping at the place where you purchased your gift. Now most online stores including offer gift wrapping all year round. 
  • You can buy a colorful roll of wrapping paper and just do it the old fashioned way.
  • Or, you can make your gift even more special, by wrapping it in a unique way.
If you are willing to go this extra step, here are some ideas for you on how to create a perfect, unique & original wrapped gift.

Dear Friends, 

With the holidays fast approaching, everyone is looking for ideas for perfect gifts and stocking stuffers.  I am working on a web post about gifts with a “WOW” effect, as we speak, but in mean time I would like to share with you a few special promotion codes for great discounts on MiniOwls products. 

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