It is the end of September and this means that school is in full bloom. This also means that we as parents will be bombarded every day with a ton of artwork made by our creative kids.
Not that long ago, I wrote a post about how to deal with piles of art on a daily basis.
Today I would like to look at kids’ art from a different perspective – I would like to show you a variety of ways to preserve favorite pieces of art that your children have created. 

Summer is over!!! Tan lines are fading and we are left with beautiful memories of long warm days. In our household, other than beautiful memories, we end up with big piles of physical evidence that the summer just ended. One of them is a mountain of shells collected during days at the beach, some rocks picked up while hiking and of course lots of sticks that were found during the camping days.
Unfortunately my children have a hard time to part with theirs precious summer treasures. Those items are beautiful and special on its own but when piled in a mountain, they lose their beauty.