As you may know already, children can be very persistent. My daughter Olivia asked me probably a million times for a chalkboard wall in her room. She heard a big “NO” as an answer with two reasons behind it: 
#1 chalk makes a lot of dust, and chalk powder all over the floor would drive me crazy; 
#2 big, black piece of wall doesn’t fit into my imagination of a young girl’s bedroom which should be nice and pretty.
As smart as Olivia is - one day she found a solution to problem #1 - the dust. She presented me with an idea of a “chalk marker”.Now there was only one reason why she couldn’t have it. I have to admit, it was very clever of her as she knew that her creative mother, will come up with a solution on how to make and ugly looking square box to look nice and pretty. It was only a matter of time. And this day has come. 
Believe it or not I found an inspiration in this idea:

When I couldn’t see my fridge anymore, because it was absolutely covered with Olivia’s art, I have decided that it is time to find a new way to display her masterpieces. 
I was blown away with people's creativity that I found when searching for “THE ONE”.

This post is written to help those that keep important family documents in a drawer, a box or even worse in a big pile on a desk or somewhere in a dark corner. For those that spend hours looking for an important document which in their minds a minute ago was right at their eye sight.

“Wow – your clothes are so organized” I heard from those who had a chance to see my or my children’s closets. They are very surprised when I tell them that this look is accomplished with just few simple tricks and not with many hours of cleaning.
To see a huge difference you don’t have to introduce all of these tricks right away – start with one or few at the time and I promise that you will see a great improvement. 

Tip #1: get matching hangers

Simply replace the hangers in your closet. They don’t have to be fancy & expensive but all of them HAVE TO be exactly: the same color, the same shape, the same everything. Do not make exception – don’t leave even one old hanger behind and you will see marvels results.

Having two children equals double the amount of toys around the house. Especially when there is a big gap in age, they are interested in different things and that supports mountains of clutter.
As you probably know by now, or if you are a new parent, you are about to learn shortly, it is a hard work to eliminate “toy mess”. Fortunately, there are many great ideas to keep toys stored. Having them properly organized speeds up the process of cleaning up after a long day of play. Some of toy storage ideas have a great decorative qualities, some of them keep mess of sight, but most important all of them, develop your kids organizational skills and teach responsibility necessary for lifelong success and productivity. Allow me to share with you some of my favorite toy organizers.

I think now we are into a third week of a Command Center Project. Of course having kids around makes everything go so much slower than we would like to, especially when your little ones need more attention or quality time. Because of that we have to limit how much time we spend on a home’s projects.
Also not sure if I shared with you already or not, a fact that our home is a condominium – where noise control act prevents us from making too much uproar after 6 pm and this is another speed limitation. To share even more of my dirty secrets – I will tell you where all the heavy duty work is done. As we lack garage – believe me or not my hubby took over our enclosed balcony and claimed it as his workshop. He says that it is only for a limited time - until all home renovations and projects are done, but knowing the two of us – guess what – I will never have a nice, clean and relaxing balcony.  I guess I have to sacrifice one place in my home for all other rooms to look good. 

When I get inspired, I am truly inspired!  I cannot get out of my head the project, I am working on, until it is finished. After seeing so many inspiring command centers, I had a list of things I wanted, although I wasn’t sure to the last minute, how it all will come together.
I do not like to spend a lot of money  (OK, let's be honest - I’m frugal or some simply call it cheap),  so first, I have decided to look through my house, if I can find anything I can use. Search ended with a great luck - at the bottom of my daughter’s closet, I found an old cork board. I knew, that my handy hubby can fix it up for me. He build a nice frame around it and to cover old pin holes we dressed it up in a fabric. As an extra touch, I have decided to stencil a world map on it. This little project turned out better than I ever imagined. Click here to see  “how to change an ugly cork board into a masterpiece”
New looking and simply gorgeous. 

I have always dreamed of a place that is the hub for my family's activity and daily life, so we can be more in control of what, when & where is happening. Of course when I say “we” I mean “I” as other members of my family don’t care about it as much as I do.
When I came across the idea of a “command center” in the kitchen, I was sure I wanted one. And I wanted one really bad! Like every new project I started this one with some research. My friend “Pinterest” came along and helped me out by selecting some ideas and pointers to what I may like.
Here are some of command centers that were my inspiration. Each of them gave me an idea for at least one great key element of my own DIY family organizer. Have a look and maybe you can find an inspiration too.

1. White - do it all in white. 
I love how nice and clean this looks or maybe my affection has something to do with this owl sitting on the shelf – whooo knows.